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Join the VIP CLUB of Yiwu Fair for Privileged Services


Join the VIP CLUB of Yiwu Fair forPrivileged Services


Quite recently,it is confirmed by the Organizing Committee of the 19th China YiwuInternational Commodities Fair that privilege services will continue to beprovided at the coming Fair.

According to theCommittee, VIP membership privileges will be provided for customers that haveapplied for Buyer Certification or pre-registered on site for three times andclients that have participated in the previous Purchasing Meeting of Yiwu Fairand the China Import and Export Fair. Meanwhile, for the convenience ofoverseas merchants, the organizer has opened services for pre-registration online( By logging intothe appropriate website, overseas merchants can join VIP CLUB for honorable andprivilege services.

The members ofYiwu Fair VIP CLUB enjoy hotel and star services throughout the Fair, whichmainly includes:

1. All-in-one ICcard services for access to exhibitions free of charge. Clients applied for VIPmembership at this Fair can visit the following related exhibitions organizedby the Marketplace Group without registration: Yiwu Consumer Goods Fair,Hardware Fair, Yiwu Culture Expo, China International Tourism Commodities Fair,Yiwu International Forest Products Fair, China Yiwu International EquipmentManufacturing Exposition and China Yiwu International Commodities Fair.

2. On equalconditions, higher priorities for services than average members are available.

3. Negotiationareas. In this area, VIP clients can have access to services including freeInternet access, coffee, snacks, lunge and space for trade negotiation.

4. Besidesservices to facilitate business cooperation, the organizer has set up a systemspecifically to provide VIP clients with caring and systematic related serviceslike pre-registration, free shuttle, special price at designated restaurants,privilege hotels, customer lunges, translation services, ticket sales, on-sitesupporting activities and business travel services.

5. All the VIPCLUB members are provided with Monthly of Excellent Exhibitors at Yiwu Fair.

6. Furthermore,the organizer has prepared small gifts from Yiwu for VIP CLUB members, such asplastic fruit toothpicks, preservative film, toothpick holders, cups, umbrellasand linkage phone cards.


To facilitatemerchants to apply for VIP CLUB membership, the organizer has simplified theprocedures and conditions, and the details are as follows:

1. Once pre-registration is submitted successfully, VIP membership isavailable.

2. Successful register at

3. Submit personal or other information concerned.

4. Apply for VIP membership on site during October 21 to 25, 2013.

  According to the Committee,the merchants yet to apply for VIP membership can get it done on site on theday of the exhibition with their business cards, passports/ID cards. OriginalVIP members can go through the replacement procedures at VIP MerchantRegistration Office with the same documents. Whatever the details, theOrganizing Committee will take every effort to provide the customers withcaring, considerate and professional services.

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